Documentary films need to look where the eyes of the world are needed – even if it hurts and nobody wants to do it!


The creation of Look Up Films was inspired by the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up!”. A world-ending asteroid is hurtling towards earth – and while everyone else in the movie is looking away, the protagonists choose to look up and face their perilous situation.


In reality somebody needs to look up also. So it might as well be us.


Look Up Film is a documentary production company based in Cologne, Germany. It was founded in 2023 by experienced fiction producer and director Niki Drozdowski and mainly focuses on globally important issues that deserve attention and need movies about them with maximum societal impact.

Therefore, the first slated documentary “An Inconvenient Doom” will tackle the most pressing and most overlooked issue in the world: The existential threat from advanced AI.

If you have to start somewhere, start at the top.

Latest Developments

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